Extra Credit Reading Notes: Week 11, Great Plains: Why the Possum Plays Dead

On this reading notes assignment, I am experimenting with a different and more structured note taking strategy.

Two organisms are introduced as characters: the rabbit and the possum.
  • Staring at each other, they dismissed the idea of marrying each other.
  • Although no attraction or desire for each other, they go together in harmony to seek a wife.
They begin their journey together of finding a wife in a nearby village.
  • Were the rabbit and the possum looking out for each other?
  •  It doesn't seem like it, as the rabbit gets there faster making up a rumor provoking every creature to find a mate at once.
  • The possum arrived after this message was delivered, thus every creature already had a wife.
  • The rabbit pretended to act sorry when in reality, his intentions were actually mean-spirited.
  • So why does the possum hold resentment and anger for this seemingly innocent creature?
  • Also, is it fair to blame the possum for this happening because he decided to be lazier by travelling slower to the village.
  • The rabbit promised to assist him along to the next village to find a wife.
The rabbit proceeds to beat the possum again, and propose war to the next village.

  • The rabbit's reasoning for war was dark. He basically explained that because the village hadn't had a war in a while, they should fight. 
  • The possum still hadn't arrived to the scene yet?
  • In my opinion, it is foolish he continued to be lackadaisical when travelling after the last incident.
The rabbit abruptly leaves as the village breaks out into war.
  • Why did the people follow the rabbit's illogical argument for war? This leads me to think traditionally, the rabbit creature was a wise and respected leader.
The possum arrives.
  • The village was still fighting, and they began to beat the possum.
  • The possum rolled over and played dead to save his own life.
What is the background of the possum and rabbit's relationship that creates animosity between the two creatures? And why is this anger one way? Is there a resolution to the possum and rabbit's personal conflicts? Does the rabbit get away for ever? Is the possum foolish to realize the rabbit set him up? What happened to the possum's longing for a wife?

Possum, Pixabay

Bibliography: K.B. Judson, Great Plains: why the Possum Plays Dead (link)